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Building with ICF


Insulated Concrete Forms are the most energy-efficient building product available today. They are also disaster-resistant, mold-resistant, termite-proof, fire-rated, and virtually soundproof.

100% of the waste from ICF is recyclablemaking ICF the most sustainable building product around.

Concrete is the most locally readily available resource in the United States. The polystyrene foam used for insulation is a by-product of oil production.


KB Walker believes American infrastructure has become disposable. Structures built of wood are not meant to last. They are built cheaply because it has been the best and most economical way to build... until now.


KB Walker can competitively price ICF against a wood frame or steel construction project. Contact us today for a quote on your next ICF building.

Major Benefits of

Building with ICF

Energy Efficiency

30% reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Reduced Insurance Rates

15% reduction in premiums for being disaster, mold, and fire-resistant.

Higher Tenant Retention

Tenants will feel more comfortable, safe, and eco-friendly.

Deferred Maintenance

Reduction in maintenance costs. ICF buildings are built to last forever.

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